The Believers Life

Pictures of Nature

In this world there are many beautiful things
Like a sunset at night and a bird on the wing
But nothing compares to the cool autumn days
When foliage turns and ripens with age

I used to live in New England you see
Fall is the one time that homesick hits me
Every year we would ride through the mountains and hills
Seeking the colors that gave us all thrills

Yellows and reds oranges too
Blue spruce and evergreens added their hue
Purple was there to add to the sight
To top it all off was the brilliant sunlight

I’m so glad that my God created this place
To be of such beauty and filled with His grace
He paints all the pictures of nature each day
So you can be blessed as you travel your way

Don’t forget to give thanks for His wonderful gift
Of sunrise and sunset and hillsides all lit
Give thanks for the gift of His Son every day
Who died to take all your sins away


n response to the daily prompt

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