True Riches Galore

Cushy and warm
Safe from harm
All that they need or desire
Riches galore
Hundreds of doors
In the mansions they build to reside

Big toys and small
They have them all
Opulent beyond belief
But if came the day
It was taken away
How would they find their relief

This world would say
This is their day
We all knew one day it would come
But I would pray
That they’d find a way
To reach out to God one by one

He is the source
Of true riches galore
The kind this world cannot provide
Then when the tide
Cancels their ride
His treasures will last all their lives

Peace hope and love
Joy from above
Mercy and grace overflow
Forgiveness and rest
Comfort that’s best
IS all yours if to His cross you’ll go

In response to the daily prompt

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