Our Salvation

The Plight

I looked into the night
Oh what a plight
Full of fright it was without light
The alley cats and rabid bats
Were everywhere and they did stare
And try to scare
So I would run away
But then it seemed it was a dream
I tried to scream
But sat upright in the night with no light
And saw myself
Like an elf on the shelf
Knowing all was well
And of this spell I would not tell
Because I know
The dream is so unreal to show
To someone else
Who would not understand
Then I realized
That I was wise and I surmised
I would not die
I would not cry
For my Savior is by my side
He calms my fears
Dries my tears and fills my ears
With His voice
So I rejoice and make my choice
Not to go where there’s no light
Not to give into the plight
But to walk in His light
Out of the night
Into His arms where He keeps me calm
And all is well

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