beauty of Creation


They come at you
Somedays rippling
Low and soft
Lapping at your feet
Tickling your toes with their gentle touch
Other days they are higher
Sounding like a gentle breeze
Wandering through the trees
They flow over your feet
Tingling the top
Drawing back the sand under your feet
A giggle escapes your lips
As the sand disappears from under you
A fun filled feeling

Other days they are higher
Like small rolling fields of grain
They run up to you
Over your feet in sweeping motion
Lapping at your ankles
Drawing back and making you rock
Driving the sand from under your feet
Causing you to hold yourself up a bit
Rising and falling
With the tide

Then there are days they are mighty
Roaring like a lion
Rising like a giant windstorm
A long field of blue
Looking like a mountain range
Moving right toward you
Snow caps develop as they crest
Then the start to roll at the top
And slowly yet suddenly fall
With a mighty crash
Like a thunder clap
White foam rises high and rolls forward
Almost sweeping you off tour feet
Thrown drawing back and knocking you down
Riptides mighty and pulling back
Dangerous yet beautiful

No matter what wave comes ashore
It is incessant
The ocean serves them up
Never ending
Always beautiful

As is God’s amazing grace
Waves upon waves
As we need it
Day by day grace comes
Sometimes softly and gentle
As on the good days
When things are going well
And all is calm in our lives
Grace flows in
Little by little
Low and almost unnoticed
But never ceasing

Other days it’s more noticeable
Because the day is harder
The troubles deeper
The worry stronger
The doubt looming
Yet grace appears
As we need it day by day
Hour by hour
Minute by minute
Grace as we need it
Not a second early
Nor a second late
Grace is there incessantly
Calming our fears
Easing our pains
Giving us hope
One step at a time
Lapping at our Spirit
Joy bubbles up inside
In the most difficult times
Because grace is there

Then there are days grace roars
His powerful grace can’t be missed
Over and over again it crashes in
Like that mighty ocean wave
We feel it deep within us
We know it is there to help
To sweep us off our feet
Letting us know we have no strength to fight
We must yield to His power and strength
Majestic grace
Rising as we need it
Never failing
Always coming at us
Surrounding us
Enveloping us in it’s ardor
Grace rushes in

Embrace grace
Acknowledge grace
Be aware of grace
Know when it comes
Thank God for each occurrence
Each wave
Small or mighty
Silent or loud
Give Him praise for His grace
Raise your voice in gratitude
Without another thought but to thank Him
For the ocean of grace He gives you freely
From a rugged cross two thousand years ago
When He gave His only Son
As a sacrifice
To wipe away your sin
And reconcile you to himself
A gift beyond comprehension
Beyond imagination
Beyond our ability to grasp
A lifetime is spent to understand this grace
Yet we receive it in a moment
Just by asking Jesus to forgive us
And making Him Lord of our lives
Then His grace comes

Once we receive we have but one call
One duty
One simple command
Give it away
Do unto others what God has done for us
Give Grace
Sometimes just a little
Sometimes in waves upon waves
To whomever needs it
Friend or enemy
Family or stranger
If they cross our path
As their feet step into our lives
Like the wave of the ocean
Grace should flow from us to them
Nor jealousy
Or envy
Or anger
Or worry
Or complaint
Or murmuring
Or backbiting
Or gossip
Ir revenge
Only grace
Incessant grace
Flowing out from us
As His grace flows in
It is our duty
It is our call
It is His love and passion
Let your grace go
Like the ocean wave
Never ceasing
Always faithful
Evident for all to see

In response to the daily prompt Oceans – Incessant

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