I remember days from long ago when life was but a high
We traveled in my little car across the countryside
There was no destination as we went on this long ride
We just enjoyed the scenery especially in fall

New England is a gorgeous place when autumn comes about
The leaves turn brilliant colors that always gave my heart a shout
Whenever autumn comes each year I look with suspect doubt
That the colors here in Iowa are redolent at all

God’s canvas is a mighty thing each day I look around
From sunrises to sunsets He fails not to astound
But in the autumn colors I’m set on higher ground
Their brilliance in New England makes me homesick every fall

3 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. Josh Gross | The Jaguar

    Coming from the northeastern tip of the Midwest (northeastern Ohio), I’ve had similar experiences as you when living on the West Coast. Autumn, and especially winter, always made me nostalgic for the seasonal changes of the northeast. Many west coasters are utterly convinced of their superiority over all things eastern (they’re constantly contrasting themselves with the East Coast, which is everything east of the Mississippi), but I think even they’d be taken aback by the colors of Fall.

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