My Best Friend

I think it is incredible what he has done for me
From way back as a child his love did take the lead
A friend I made at five is my best friend indeed
Sixty years and growing a prayer warrior for me

Riding down the street the call went out that day
“Will you be my friend” was all we had to say
Through childhood and high school close friends we did stay
To Vietnam he went while stateside I remained

We met at a reunion after years of missing him
He went His way i went mine when high school came to end
This friend prayed I’d get saved when I was lost in sin
Then to his home I travelled and asked the Savior in

Two years later I returned to visit him once more
We sang on church tv and found a diner’s door
I asked the pianist if she had one sister more
That sister’s now my wife for years of ten times four

For years this friend and I have had our ups and downs
But even in the worst of times our friendship would rebound
When I came down with cancer his knees were on the ground
His prayers were eminating from a love that did abound

Every day we talked as he encouraged me
He always was a joker and laughter I did need
His prayers were never ceasing and my healing was his plea
Answers kept on coming as God’s mercy covered me

I love this friend of sixty years with all my heart and soul
His prayers have brought me healing and kept my Spirit whole
Our fellowship has brought me even closer to my Lord
Even through his own health battles his prayers bring rewards

Today I celebrate this life-long friend of mine
We have so close a friendship it’s like we’re reading minds
We talk about our passions and our struggles in this life
Friends for life are hard to find and I’m glad that Jason’s mine

2 thoughts on “My Best Friend

    1. Pete Post author

      You are so right . We meet so many people that lose their childhood friends, then their high school friends or their college friends. It never ceases to amaze me that we have stuck together through all these years and all the hurts that we put up on each other in all that time. God is good and He reigns in both of our hearts



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