By Faith

I thank you for the faith Lord
That you have given me
In all my deepest valleys
This faith has lifted me
When I have faced a battle
This faith has seen me through
When mountains loom before mefaith
This faith knows what to do

When I was just a wee lad
You gave this faith to me
I fell through broken ice Lord
Was drowning underneath
My best friend threw a branch Lord
You have me faith to reach
He pulled me out to safety
This faith had rescued me

Through teen years into twenties
I drifted for from you
I thought I’d lost this faith Lord
It seemed I forgot you
But one day faith arose in me
I prayed a prayer so true
I asked you to come in my heart
My soul was now rescued

Two years later I came ba k
To visit my best friend
Through faith you led me to a girl
My life you did suspend
I left my job and traveled back
To start up a new life
By faith I left my world behind
This girl became my wife

By faith we’ve gone through battles
Some scars are very deep
We’ve clung to hope in you Lord
Our souls you always keep
When every battle turns out good
We know you have supplied
By faith we once again dug in
And you have given life

Then cancer came to test us
And tried to bring us down
Our trust in you has risen
By faith we’ve overcome
Now we know forever
No matter what may come
If we just walk with you Lord
You’ll bring us safely home

Thank you for the faith Lord
That you have given me
When I look back on my life
It’s blessings I do see
And when I face the trials
That may come down my way
I’ll simply use this faith Lord
To make it through the day

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