Find His Presence

Sometimes we have our worries
Sometimes we have our doubt
Sometimes we have a problem
That we cannot work out

Sometimes we feel abandoned
Sometimes our fear is strong
Sometimes our hopes are shattered
And answers take too long

But these are not the times
To bow down in despair
These are times to praise Him
You’ll find His presence there

For when we lift our praises
His presence dwells with us
When we lift up our voices
His spirit lifts us up

It’s time to praise Him
It’s time to lift our voice
It’s time to celebrate
Let’s rejoice

It’s time to worship
It’s time to lift our holy hands
For even in the hard times of our lives
When we lift up His holy name on high
He promises He’ll be right by our side
So come and praise Him
Come and worship
Come and bow down
Come to Jesus

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