My Dream was Toast

I once was a full fledged hippie
My hair was scraggly and long
I usually didn’t look pretty
And my smell always seemed very strong

Back then I wrote a story
About a man who grew to be rich
By the time he was 25
Millions had come as he wished

This story became my dream
But my lifestyle was not even close
As I approached that golden age
I thought that my dream was toast

Then I met Jesus my Savior
And I gave my life to Him
Now the riches of heaven are all mine
And His promises fill me within

Maybe I don’t have the money
That the dream said I would have
But the riches of heaven far surpass
Anything else I could have asked.

In response top the daily prompt Dream

2 thoughts on “My Dream was Toast

  1. lynnabbottstudios

    Yes, indeed! God’s gifts are the very best! On another note, is this description of the young you accurate or simply poetic? If accurate, you sound like my brother at that age. I have vivid memories of his “hippie” phase. 🙂 Great psalm, Pete!

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    1. Pete Post author

      Thanks, Lynn. It’s all true. I looked much like the picture I used. And i did write a story about a young man who became a millionaire by 25. His name was Harry P Wimplemeyer III.



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