Names Will Fall

Certain people come to mind at certain times of year
Basketball is king right now because the playoffs here
The names of certain players just ring inside our ear
We think of them as stars so big and bright

At other times it’s football, maybe baseball takes the stage
All through the year it seems we gawk at just another page
When our team loses some go wild and fall into a rage
Because their stars did not shine such a light

The news men called them famous and lift them up so high
I just wonder when we all will question them with why
Why should they be famous when in just a few years time
They soon will vanish and their names will fall

The famous one came long ago to take away our sin
Their is no name so mighty as the Son who dwells within
No one will ever reach the height of majesty like Him
Jesus the most famous one of all


In response to the daily prompt Famous

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