Be on Guard

I’m going through chemo so I wear a mask
Protecting from germs is the point of that task
My whole immune system is shot from the drugs
I don’t need to end up diseased with a bug

But there’s something else I must guard against
The sin that will infect my soul is intense
It creeps in so subtly and plants itself deep
If I will make sure my guard does not sleep

But if I should get caught away in my sin
I have a Savior who heals me within
He gave himself freely at Calvary
Now His grace and mercy will be there for me



In response to the daily prompt Infect

5 thoughts on “Be on Guard

  1. SR

    Great post, Pete. Have you ever wondered what it is about sin that attracts us to it, so much? I mean I hate it, don’t want it, surely do not want to do it, but sometimes that control switch flips off and there I go!

    I often wonder as much as I love God and hate to hurt Him, why at times I will still allow myself to sin. Doesn’t make any sense, does it???? LOL! God Bless, SR

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    1. Pete Post author

      It is almost always our pride that will cause us to choose sin over God. You guys I can’t think of an occasion in my life that it wasn’t Pride. I think I can do what I want without any repercussions. God loves me so he’ll understand if I do this little thing.

      The problem is that he does understand He is also a righteous judge. That is something that I always need to remember

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  2. SR

    We tend to like to forget about that “righteous judge” part, don’t we? Pride has been the downfall of so many, including myself. If we only held others in the same esteem as we hold ourselves, what a loving world this would be. God Bless, SR

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