The Best Intentions

I’ve always felt I had a knack for knowing many words
Spelling was a friend of mine even the absurd
I have a big vocabulary which I count most dear
So when I looked at the word today I did not shed a tear

I took my little fingers and typed inchoate define
In just a blink a new word was settled in my mind
I started out this rhyme with the best intentions planned
It’s always fun to have a new word I can understand

I often find myself reading something in God’s Word
That stimulates my mind as I think about my Lord
Learning of His ways is so easy and close by
Will you pick up your Bible and let Him show you why?

Why He gave His Son to be your sacrifice
Why He gave a way to provide eternal life
Why He says today you can be free of your sin
Why not call to Jesus and ask Him to come in?


In response to the daily prompt Inchoate

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