The Stone Was Rolled

He came to Bethany that day
He heard the news but then delayed
His good friend sick in bed did lay
He waited several days

Then He heard His friend was dead
He then did go to see His friend
He knew what God would do ahead
His perfect plan was laid

The sisters of His friend did weep
They knew their brother did not sleep
They laid him in a tomb to keep
And rolled a stone to seal

They met Jesus on the way
If you had been here he’d be safe
They wept as they showed Him the place
Where the tomb was sealed

Jesus wept then raised His eyes
He prayed that God be glorified
He looked the men right in the eye
Now roll away that stone

When it was moved He made a cry
Lazarus come forth to life
The dead came forth with head held high
Unwrap him and go home

A few days later Christ was dead
His borrowed tomb was sealed in dread
A stone slab had become His bed
But He had other plans

An angel came and rolled the stone
Jesus came forth to gain His throne
Death was defeated, sin atoned
Now on His word we stand


4 thoughts on “The Stone Was Rolled

  1. lynnabbottstudios

    I love the way you directly tied the account of the raising of Lazarus to Christ’s resurrection! Wonderful poem… and reminded me to make the connection that Lazarus’ resurrection occurred not long before Christ’s! Excellent!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pete Post author

      I think we often forget that! I was thinking about the stone being rolled away, and then remembered that There was a stone at Lazarus’s tomb as well. Two stones rolled away in a little over a week. Two dead men risen to life. Pretty amazing!

      Thhanks for your comment. Be blessed


  2. thoughtsnlifeblog

    Beautiful as we approach Easter. Though i am not Christian i do love the bible and what you share. At easter i always watch the Jesus story and cry every time, that fear can make a man take anothers life, but the soul is immortal and therefore He rose again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pete Post author

      Thanks Bella. So glad you look at the Easter Story every year. It is quite an amazing chain of events. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about that as we go through this time

      Liked by 1 person


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