Close Call

The icy ponds greeted us out in the field
On a cold winter morning one day
My friend and I ventured out onto the ice
Then we got an idea for play

Let’s see how big a hole we can make
By throwing these rocks where it’s thawed
One by one we threw stones at the water that showed
It’s resistance held us in great awe

I finally decided to grab a big rock
I walked out to break up a chunk
But under me was a soft spot I’d say
And into the water I sunk

My friend looked in panic as I went down twice
Then he grabbed a big tree by the pond
He laid on the ice and stretched out the branch
I grabbed it the third time down

He pulled me out by that branch that day
There’s no doubt he saved my life
We hurried on back through the field to his house
Where we warmed ourselves huddled inside

Through sixty years we two are still friends
We still fondly remember that day
Later on He led me to Jesus my Lord
What a friend He has been all the way


NOTE”  This is a true story!


In response to the daily prompt Branch

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