Learning to Speak

I love tell my story
Of what my life has brought
I’ve learned to speak to people
Things Toastmasters has taught

This learning brought me knowledge
In nearly everything
I have become conversant
When topics people bring

The subject I enjoy the most
Is of my Saviors love
How even when my sin was huge
He loved me from above

He came to earth so long ago
Became my sacrifice
Now I can have His peace and joy
He gives eternal life

I’ll tell you that you too can know
This precious love He gives
Just ask Him to forgive your sins
Then you as well shall live


In response to the daily prompt Conversant

3 thoughts on “Learning to Speak

  1. isaiah46ministries

    I was in Toastmasters a lot of years ago, and competed in the annual speech contest. It was my dream to win it someday, but life intervened and I just never did. Became ATM Bronze .before stopping. It is a good mentoring for speaking.

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    1. Pete Post author

      I love Toastmasters. Many have implored me to be Distrct Governor, and i still may someday. I won the district table topics one year, competed in district speech contesr 3 times without victory. Still fun though. I still belong, but won’t get to meeting until cancer recocovery is complete next May. Anyway, thanks for your comment!



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