The Ultimate Test

I could fight a lion, a tiger or bear
I could scale heights up to the sky
I could go deep in the oceans below
Or out of an airplane dive

I could go into a deep and dark cave
To explore where no other has gone
I could walk into the jungle so vast
Then try and find my way back home

If I would do any of these lofty things
Most would say that courage is mine
But courage is more than a feat done by me
Just to make me seem bigger than life

Courage is giving oneself for another
To fight someone’s battle for them
The ultimate test of courage was shown
By Jesus of Nazereth

He came to this earth the King of all Kings
Then He gave His life for all mankind
He was tortured and beaten for your sins and mine
Then He hung on a cross to die

Don’t let His courage just drift from your mind
Because He was your sacrifice
He did it for you
You’ve just one thing to do
Accept His love for it brings life


In response to the daily prompt Courage

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Test

    1. Pete Post author

      Thank you! The Daily Prompt is always fun to do things a little different – draw people in to the saving message of Jesus Christ. I like to have fun with it!



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