Down the Trail

I started down the trail
On a bright sunny day
Blue sky dotted with clouds
White and puffy
Like cotton balls floating by
It was autumn
Trees lined the path
Yellow and orange leaves
Fluttered down from above
Floating on a gentle breeze
The path sloped downhill
A gentle incline
Leading to a brook below
Lush moss lined the older trees
Undergrowth filled the ground
With green leaves
As I neared the brook
It babbled to me
Letting me know it was there
The growth got thicker as I neared it
The path became more obscure
There was much growing
In the valley
Near the brook
I crossed the small brook
Heading up the other side
Steeper and steeper was the climb
The sky started clouding up
Darker clouds hiding the sun
Darker below the trees
The fragrance of rain filled my nostrils
The climb became even more difficult
Then the rain started
Gentle rain
Filtering through the leaves
Showering down upon me
As I continued upward incessantly
Desiring to reach the summit
The trees grew scarcer
The passing rain grew lighter
The clouds started to part
I came out of the trees into open air
Rocky ground was all around me
The sun started to peak through the distant clouds
Lowering on the horizon
The air was clean and clear
A I reached the summit
Watching the sunset
Brilliant reds filled the sky
As clouds were gilded gold
Extraordinary colors
Bade the setting sun goodbye

Reflecting on my trip that day
I realized
That every step was a joy
The valley had its pleasures
As did the summit
The rain was refreshing
The climb invigorating
The ending beautiful
Then I realized
That life is so like this walk of mine
Filled with ups and downs
Clear skies and rain
Valleys and mountains
It is all joy
It is all good
It is all a blessing
It is all a gift from God

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