I Chose Jesus

When I was young I made a lot of choices
Some good, some bad and some fell in between
I really didn’t know
Which way that I should go
I wandered through my life quite aimlessly

Through drugs and alcohol my journey took me
Wild women and a lot of lonely nights
I couldn’t find my way
Sank lower every day
Until I couldn’t see the dark from light

Then an old friend invited me to visit
Across the country travelling I went
It’s then I met his friend
On whom he did depend
I made a choice that’s been mine ever since

I chose Jesus
From a missionaries’ words
I chose Jesus
He convinced me I was lost
I chose Jesus
I had no desire to live my life that way
I chose Jesus
He has filled me with His love
I chose Jesus
His sweet spirit leads the way
I chose Jesus
Now I choose Him each and every day

Now I have a wife and family beside me
Many friends encourage me along the way
With Jesus as my choice
He is my inner voice
I strive to take in very word He says

I choose Jesus
As the one that I will love
I choose Jesus
He will guide me from above
I choose Jesus
I will follow Him wherever He may lead
I choose Jesus
Won’t you come along with me
I choose Jesus
Make Him the one you seek
I choose Jesus
He will fill all your desires and your needs

5 thoughts on “I Chose Jesus

  1. IsaacFaweya

    I chose because He is my Refresher and my Sustainer. I chose Jesus because he is my Smile in time of worries and Strength in time of troubles. I chose Jesus because He is my Song in time of depression and my Comfort in time of distress…(Let’s keep saying it all the time why we chose Jesus.) Nicely said and packaged.

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