Always Blessed 

I woke up abruptly the room bathed in light
It seemed that an angel was blinding my sight
Come closer He whispered and called me by name
I come here to bless you don’t be afraid

The Lord sent me to you to grant you one wish
Anything can be yours i will grant your request
I was awed by His splendor his voice was surreal
I thought this a dream but knew it was real

Anything could be mine from riches to fame
More wisdom or power could be mine today
I thought for a moment how my life would change
If any of these things would be mine today

Then I realized what a great life I had
I needed not riches or power or fame
I have a great family who loves me so much
I have lots of friends i am blessed by God’s touch

I looked at the angel the words came quite clear
Please heal my good friend so he’ll live many years
He has aches and pains and his nerves are all shot
He sure needs a touch for he lives God so much

The angel just smiled it is done He replied
You have spoken your wish your friend will arise
Then he left just as fast as he had appeared
But before he did these last words I did hear

Because you have prayed for your friend on this day
There’s a blessing that will soon be coming your way
I smiled as he left knowing he was correct
When we pray for others we always are blessed

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