A Poetic Love Chapter

I can sing my sweet praise to Jesus
I can shout out and dance in praise
But if I am not showing love
All of my worship is vain

I can speak prophetic and mighty
Or give out a message in tongues
But if I do not love my neighbor
My words will not touch anyone

I can give away all my possessions
Or feed and clothe those that are poor
But if love is not my compulsion
My deeds will just be ignored

Love must be patient kind and not proud
Envy and boasting must flee
Love gives out honor and seeks not for self
Anger must not ever be

Love forgets wrongs and evil it hates
Rejoicing in only the truth
Love will protect trust hope and preserve
Love never fails to bring fruit

Prophets and tongues will one day be gone
And knowledge will pass away
For now we only can do these in part
When Jesus returns they won’t stay

When I was a child my life did those things
That children are apt to do
But when I grew up, childish things had to go
Now I must see things in full

In this world we have faith hope and love that sustain
They are gifts from our Father above
But when we look through the eyes of the Lord
The greatest of these is love

8 thoughts on “A Poetic Love Chapter

  1. thoughtsnlifeblog

    Aww this is really beautiful, a song from your heart. I love the verse Love bears all thing….. Really beautiful, poem song, really uplifting . A pleasure to read. May I borrow the verse – for a post of mine ? Wishing you a great weekend. Regards Bella

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  2. thoughtsnlifeblog

    Reblogged this on ThoughtsnLifeBlog and commented:
    Dear Friends, I read this beautiful post by a fellow blogger. Oh, it is so uplifting and lovely. I hope you enjoy this post as much as me. Pete Gardners Blog – really is a beautiful blog dedicate to the love of Divine. I also find, when we are in love with Divine, we learn to love our selves.

    Thanks Pete for allowing me to reblog.
    Regards Bella

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