I See The Lighthouse

I’ve been wand’ring in this ship of mine for many years
I’ve been tossed from stormy sea to stormy sea
I cannot seem to find safe harbor anywhere
There is no rest for wicked men like me

The fog comes rolling in so thick I cannot see the bow
And I hear the splashing of the billowed waves
I know the land is close and I fear a crash ahead
When a light breaks through to guide me safe

I see the lighthouse
Standing tall and strong
Guiding me to safety from the storm
I see the lighthouse
The light shines on me
Now I’m safe into the harbors arms

In life we have these stormy days come all too much
We wonder if we’re strong enough to bear
By ourselves it seems we struggle from one day to the next
Often we’re not getting anywhere

When the storms of life surround you. there’s a lighthouse here for you
That shines a light to guide you on your way
His name is Jesus Christ, He died to give you life
And to help you through your struggles everyday

He is the lighthouse
Always there for you
Ask Him now to shine His light on you
He is the lighthouse
He will save your soul
His arms will be safe harbor just for you

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