Precious Time 

I’m awake

Sleep still lingers 

Eyes are opening 

Dim light

From the kitchen 

Dull illumination

Filters in

I’m awake

First things first 

Time to praise Him

The Lord of all

Kings of Kings

My Savior 

Jesus Christ 

I lift His mighty name 

And thank Him

He has been so good to me

Now prayer

Prayer for healing 

Of my friends 

They need a touch


Prayer for direction 

For finances 

For protection in Turkey 

For provision 

All for friends 

A thank you Lord

From me

I feel His hand upon me

As I write these simple words

I cannot help but wonder 

Who am I

That He would take the time

To hear my little prayer

The God of all creation 

By my side

And on this quiet morning 

While everyone’s asleep 

I pen these words before 

I rise from bed

I know the Lord goes with me

As my day will soon begin

So I roll back on my side

And rest my head

Early morning 

No one waking

Quiet fills the room

Time with God 

Precious time

Can’t wait 

‘Til it comes again

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