A Blogging I Will Go

I got my letter the other day
Directly from the SSA
The wrote me to gladly say
Disability approved

Right now my job I cannot do
Cancer has my chemo due
I have to see the program through
To make my cancer cured

So writing blogs now fills my days
It seems more overworked always
But I have so much left to say
Enjoying this tiime off


In response to the daily prompt Overworked

8 thoughts on “A Blogging I Will Go

  1. Susan Irene Fox

    Congrats, Pete. Glad you will be covered financially. As an aside FYI, be prepared. When you turn 66, that disability will revert back to SSA. I had no idea that would happen; just transferred over this year. Luckily, it didn’t change the payment at all. Just praying Congress won’t either. 😉

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