A Blogging I Will Go

I got my letter the other day
Directly from the SSA
The wrote me to gladly say
Disability approved

Right now my job I cannot do
Cancer has my chemo due
I have to see the program through
To make my cancer cured

So writing blogs now fills my days
It seems more overworked always
But I have so much left to say
Enjoying this tiime off


In response to the daily prompt Overworked

8 thoughts on “A Blogging I Will Go

  1. Congrats, Pete. Glad you will be covered financially. As an aside FYI, be prepared. When you turn 66, that disability will revert back to SSA. I had no idea that would happen; just transferred over this year. Luckily, it didn’t change the payment at all. Just praying Congress won’t either. 😉

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