He Never Stops Providing

God has been so good to me
And I just don’t know why
Every day His mercy grows
His blessings make me cry

I cry for joy, not sorrow
At what He does for me
He never stops providing
The many things I need

Right now I need a healing
I know He’s bringing that
As slowly and most surely
My strength is coming back

I needed transportation
As of yet I cannot drive
A friend calls on the phone
And says he will provide

My angel of a wife is here
She watches over me
She makes sure my medicines
Are where they need to be

She does all of the housework
She cooks me food to eat
She is amazing, that’s for sure
She’s God’s great gift to me

Even in this trial
When some would turn from God
I run to Him and praise Him
Because He reigns above

He is my rock and fortress
My strength and hiding place
This cancer is defeated
As I lift my hands in praise

I worship you sweet Jesus
Because you are my Lord
And I will sing forever
It’s you that adore

3 thoughts on “He Never Stops Providing

  1. Deborah Ann

    Pete, this brought me to joyful tears . . . such a wonderful testimony of trusting God in and for all things. He truly is our Rock and Refuge. I am so glad He is taking care of you. My prayers for you will continue. May the God of our salvation continue to be with you on this journey!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pete Post author

      Thank you Deborah Ann. Believe me when I say that your poems always minister to me. What a wonderful community we have here on WordPress!



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