It Doesn’t Matter

Will the new year bring a healing
To my feet and shoulder too
It doesn’t matter, Lord
Because I will still praise you

Will the new year bring a blessing
To these finances of ours
It doesn’t matter, Lord
I’ll still praise you every hour

Will I start to work again
And have good response from all
It doesn’t matter, Lord
I will answer when you call

My heart is set to worship you
And lift your holy name
No matter what I may go through
I’ll always lift your praise
And when the storm clouds gather
And my life is rearranged
I’ll lift my voice to heaven
And magnify your name

Will all my strength come back to me
So I can golf again
It’s doesn’t matter, Lord
I’ll praise your mighty name

Should this cancer not quite go away
And further treatment come
It doesn’t matter, Lord
I’ll still proclaim your love

Now, folks, don’t get me wrong
I’m believing God for all
For healing and deliverance
For financial windfall
For cancer to be gone
And me back to standing tall
There’s no doubt in my mind
That He will do it all

But my praise is not based
On what He does for me
My praise goes to Jesus
He is all I need
He is the King of Kings
And I can plainly see
That He deserves my praise
No matter what might be

I will worship Jesus
Until my dying breath
He’s my Lord forever
My songs will never end
His name is just so powerful
His mercy is so great
I’ll lift my hands and praise Him
For His amazing Grace

3 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter

  1. poetryandnook

    What a wonderful poem, you have echoed the sentiments of my heart right now sir. Indeed, I just want also to praise God for all the blessings…no matter what, it is Jesus that matters most in my life.

    A blessed New Year Sir. May God’s healing power be upon you and the grace and mercy of God be with you and your family in the coming year.

    Liked by 1 person


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