This Precious Gift

As Christmas cheer
Rings in my ear
I love the carol songs
They speak of Christ
This special night
And last the evening long

I see the lights
They shine so bright
As they adorn the streets
Remind me of
The star above
That wise men came to seek

All people greet
Wish words so sweet
The season of true joy
These words of love
Make me thing of
The blessed baby boy

You see everything about Christmas
Reminds me of His love
And he precious gift He brought
When He came down from above

The gift was my salvation
From all my sin and shame
Since I accepted this great gift
I’ve never been the same

His joy is overwhelming
His peace is so much more
His hope keeps me from worry
And His love fills every pore

This gift is yours this Christmas Day
If you will ask Him in
He will come into your heart
And wipe away your sin

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