The Best Gift

What can I give you this Christmas
That would really touch your heart
What gift would last for your lifetime
What gift could rise off the charts

I could give you joy that will keep you
Through every hard day that you see
This joy would be deep down inside you
And would rise up whenever you need

I could give you peace that is lavish
That is more than this world has known
This peace would endure through the hard times
Because it’s peace that you always will own

I could give you hope for the future
Even when things look so bleak
You’ll have a hope that will always endure
And will carry you when you’re weak

Or maybe it’s love that you need
In a world where there is not enough
I could fill you with all you’re in need of
So your brimming to top with this love

After thinking all of this over
I’ve decided to give you a gift
One that comes with all that I’ve mentioned
One that lasts every day that you live

I give you Jesus, who died for your sins
Jesus, who gives you a new life within
Jesus, who asks you to please let Him in
So He can bring all these gifts

You can accept Him if only you’ll pray
Jesus, I’ve sinned, and I’ll stop today
I know that you died for my sin on that day
And all of my sins you will now take away
You rose again from the depths of the grave
To give me a life in heaven to stay,

If you prayed that prayer, that is enough
You have all the gifts that are listed above
And you’ll always be surrounded by love
Because Jesus now lives in you.

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