I Love The Name

I love to come into His house
And lift my voice in praise
Raise my hands up high
And lift His holy name

Jesus, name above all names 
Jesus, worthy of my praise
Jesus,  let my lips proclaim 
I love the name of Jesus

My voice will lift His mighty name
Each day I am alive
Loud Hosannas ring
His spirit testifies

Jesus, He’s the King of Kings 
Jesus, He’s the Lord of Lords 
Jesus, blessed forevermore 
I love the name of Jesus

My hands are raised to heav’n above 
I offer Him my life 
I want to be with Him
For all the rest of time

Jesus, every knee shall bow 
Jesus, sovereign Lord of all
Jesus, reigning over all
I love the name of Jesus

His name can move the mountains 
His name can calm the sea
His name can heal our sickness
And wipe out all disease
His name can wash our sins away 
His name can set us free
His name can fill our hearts desire
Supply all of our needs

Jesus, gave us His great love 
Jesus, His name is enough
Jesus, let my voice lift up
I love the name
The wondrous name
I love the name
of Jesus. 

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