The Storm

Storm clouds gather in the west

Lightning claps the sky

Wind is rising, sudden gust

Lifts a tree branch high

Thunder rumbles, drawing near

Majestic dark clouds roll

Smell the fragrance of the rain

Before it starts to fall.


Then the drops come slowly downward

Hear their pitter-pat

Picking up the pace they echo

Through the rolling grass

Now a torrent water fountain

Opens up the sky

Streams of raindrops rushing downwards

Onto you and I


Suddenly the rain is over

Clouds start to depart

Evening sun peeks through below

And brings a brand new start

As the sun reflects the raindrops

Rainbow does appear

Reminds me of God’s great promise

He is always near


When you face the next storm in your life

Remember this

God allowed the storm too come

It may be just test

So guard your way and lean on Him

Throughout the stormy blast

On the other side you’ll see

A rainbow come at last

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