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Plant The Seeds

I wish I could speak to myself when I was just a child
When innocence was bliss and my thoughts were not too wild
I wish when I was a teen I knew what I know now
Instead of becoming a hippie and letting my hair grow down

I wish when I entered my twenties I would have been a grown up
Instead of listening to friends and think drugs were enough
I wish I could go back there with the lessons I have learned
I think that life would be different today if the alcohol I‘d spurned

My life has been shaped by these things and made me the man I am
It drove me to my knees so I would call to the great “I AM”
He brought me out of that darkness and into His glorious light
Now I know the struggles of man and can understand His plight

You see life is all a lesson that will teach us of ourselves
Then we can help out others who do not know themselves
Their heart is aching inside and they know not what they need
The emptiness inside will surely change with just one seed

The seed of faith we plant in the heart of those we know
Will one day break on through and start the heart to grow
Some will water, some will weed to help that seed produce
Until it becomes mature and a new life is introduced

All of us can plant those seeds and help our neighbors out
Out of the miry clay and into life that’s come about
Make sure that you are walking in Jesus Christ alone
Then you’ll become a light that shines and brings His children home

It is impossible to change our past, or anyone else’s for that matter. We can pine away all we want and it won’t change one second of what has happened days, months and years ago. Every work spoken and deed done has been written on the minds of those affected and there is nothing we can do to erase it or make it go away. However, all of life’s trials and test, the misery and doubt, the failure and heartache has all come to this moment in time to shape us and mold us into the person that we are. If we had a time machine and could change just one minute of our past, we would not have the same wisdom and insight into life that we have today. We are uniquely qualified to help others in the areas where we have been tested. If we have Jesus Christ as Savior, that qualification enables us to minister to others with our words and deeds on a daily basis.

Don’t waste the precious time that you have on this earth. Make the mist of it. Be a light that shines on everyone you come in contact with. Give a smile, say a kind words, do a helpful deed and pray for those in need. You can change the path of someone, just like the seeds planted by my friends changed my path. Be a difference maker!
Matthew 5:16 King James Version
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.