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“For you alone, oh Lord, make me dwell in safety” Psalm 4:8:

Safety from the ravages of sin
Safety from the error of my ways,
Safety from the darkness within
Safety from the troubles of my days
Safety from the tempters luring voice
Safety from the storms in the night
Safety from the world and all it’s noise
Safety from the things that block the light

You, Lord make me dwell there.
Safe from all danger
Safe from all harm.
Safe from myself when I wander away.
Safe from the thief who would hinder my way.
Safe from the wiles that satan employs.
Safe from His trials that would steal my joy
Safe from confusion that takes away peace
Safe from the tempter who tries to appease
Safe from the things that would steal all my praise
Safe in the arms of the Lord of all grace
Safe in the mercy that He does bestow
Safe in the love that He brought here below

I am set apart by the Lord
And He hears my prayers
He has put gladness in my heart
He makes me lie down in peace
He sets me apart
And keeps me safe

A Simple Lesson

There are times that I feel invincible
That no harm can come unto me
Then the enemy comes
He grabs me buy the arms
And the trials begin to surround me

It is then that I cry out to Jesus
I pray He will hear my voice
Then I hear Him say
I’ll show you the way
By calling you made the right choice

Suddenly it seems I am floating
In a sea of great joy and peace
In the midst of this test
He gives me His rest
My worry is transformed to ease

The lesson I share is quite simple
No matter the trouble you have
Just cry out to Him
Then you’ll always win
He will come and surround with His love