Share The Light

There’s a feeling in the air
That’s hard to explain
It always comes this time of year
I feel I should dare
To make a life change
And I’m hopeful the change will endure

Call it a hunch or dream
Or resolution
My mind is determined to try
‘Cause right now it seems
I shouldn’t be done
Growing in my spirit life

Starting right now I’ll try
To rid all distractions
And live more in tune with Christ
I Him I’ll abide
With daily devotions
And pray for the lost to gain life

But more than anything
I’ll be determined
To praise Him with all of my might
I’ll lift my voice and sing
From deep down within
I’ll worship Him and share His light.



In response to the daily prompt Hopeful

More Time

This year has past
A new is upon us
What will it bring
Good things, I trust

More time with God
Giving Him praises
Lifting my heart
Accepting His graces

More time in prayer
Lifting my neighbors
Hoping to see
Them come the Father

More time to love
Those who are hurting
Giving them hope
That their hurt is fleeing

More time to seek
His wisdom and passion
That I might proclaim
His words to the nation

More time to praise
My wonderful Savior
Lifting my voice
To worship my Lord

Yes, this year will bring
A new fire within me
To honor the name
Of Jesus my Lord