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Jesus Life

An Undeserving Sinner

 Praise to the King! He reigns on high.
 His majesty fills the heavens
 And His glory lights the sky.
 His mercy reaches to my heart
 And His grace saves me from myself
 What a wonderful, loving God we serve.
 Who sent His son, His only son
 To come to this earth, giving up His throne
 And endured suffering and shame
 To die for me.
 He was beaten and bruised
 Ridiculed and mocked
 Hung on a cross, even though He was innocent
 He gave up His life - it was not taken from Him
 He gave His life so that I could have eternal life
 He is so gracious and merciful.
 I was an undeserving sinner,
 and had turned my back on God.
 I was wretched, and cursed God
 Yet He loved me so much
 That He sent His son
 To die for me.
 Now I will serve Him the rest of my days
 He is worthy of my praise. 
 He gave His life for me,
 So I will give my life to Him.
 Praise to the King. He reigns on high.