It Is Finished

I found myself kneeling before His cross 
I could not explain how I felt
Tears of deep sorrow flowed from my eyes 
Dripping down in the blood where I knelt

I looked up to see my Savior so dear
His body all beaten and red
I cried our "Dear Lord what shall I do"
And He looked down at me and said

It is finished your redemption is paid 
It is finished your sin Is erased 
Don't be sad, do not weep
Keep your heart. Keep my peace
In three days all the world will see
It is finished

I stood up and started to praise him
As He gave up a sorrowful sigh
Then His head bowed and life just left Him
I now knew my Savior had died

As I went to my home, I remembered the words
That He spoke to me from His cross 
Then I fasted and prayed for those few days
Hoping soon I'd get over this loss

Then I heard great commotion outside in the street
Someone running and yelling real loud
He's Alive the kept saying
Over and over
He's alive.  He's alive. He's alive 

It is finished the battle is over
It is finished the victory mine 
Jesus has conquered the grave and death 
It is finished and He is alive

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