What A Wondrous Love for Me

Lord I often marvel 
At what you’ve done for me
Since I first received
Your mercy

Lord I often wonder
How you could hear me pray
Or why you’d take my place
And give me grace
What a wondrous love for me 
What a wondrous love for me 
Jesus you’re my everything 
What a wondrous love for me 

Can you even begin to comprehend what Jesus did for you on that cross?  I start to list all that He accomplished and run out of words so quickly.   I mean, didn’t He do enough when He was alive?  He told us of our purpose here on this earth.  We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  We will do greater things than He did. Greater than raising the dead,  cleansing the lepers, greater than opening blinded eyes or causing the lane to walk?   It is hard to imagine,  but that’s what He said.

But when He died on that cross, He fully paid the price for our sins. His stripes brought healing, our peace was secured, our salvation was procured and His joy endured.  His amazing love for us was displayed for all of time. What a blessed assurance we have in Him



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