Praise & Worship

I Can

I can hear Him
Gently speaking
In a whisper
Above the noise of this world
Kind words
Gentle words
Words of life and hope
Words that lift me out of darkness
Into light
I can hear Him

I can see Him
Shining brightly
In all of His creation
The stars
And the birds
Testify of His presence
His presence that is always near me
Without question
I can see Him

I can feel Him
Flowing softly
Through my being
Letting me know He is near
Holding me
Helping me
Walking close beside me
Carrying me when I fall down
He is there
I can feel Him

Oh God of wonder
How precious you are
How wonderful your ways
You fill my days
With your great grace
Your mercy runs
When I am down and out
You always pull me through
And then I know
No matter what comes
With you right here
I can

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