The Cross is All I See

My neighbor built a rock garden
With a fountain flowing free
Some birdhouses hung above the rocks
On a pole that had a tee
A light was hoisted high
To shine for all to see
And when I looked upon it
The cross is all I see

As I travel ‘round for business
The landscape is so vast
I look out on the countryside
As long as sunlight lasts
Spread all along the roadside
Are wires dangling free
From poles with arms attached
The cross is all I see

What a wondrous gift God gave us
In an old rugged cross
A symbol of God’s grace and love for me
I travel through my neighborhood
And all around the state
Seems everywhere the cross is there to see

Open your eyes to see the cross
Each day you go outside
It’s their in all its beauty
The cross will never hide
And when you meet a friend
Tell Him of God’s great love
Tell Him about the cross you see
Gods great gift from above

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