His Love Reaches

All along the way
He is watching over me
When I’m off the path
He will gently guide me
When I slip and fall
He has mercy on me
His loves reaches everywhere I go

Every single day
He is there to comfort me
When the times are hard
He provides for all my needs
When I call to Him
He will meet me on my knees
His love reaches everywhere I go

His love is endless
His love is boundless
His love is more than I deserve
His love is forever
Reaching out to me
His love is a blessing that preserves

His love keeps me from danger
His loves heals when I am sick
His love comfort in my sorrow
His love stays until tomorrow
His love knows my deepest fears
His love dries my every tear
His love reaches everywhere I go

Don’t fear where life will take you
Don’t fear trials that will come
Don’t fear questions of tomorrow
Don’t fear darkness when alone
Don’t fear any situation
That may come your way today
His love reaches everywhere you go

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