Your Mantra

Do you have a problem with worry
Does fear of the unknown lurk within
Your mind can find no peace
Your heart is not at ease
And it seems there is no joy life can bring

I have a suggestion you should try
That can change the outlook for each day
It takes a little time
But quite soon you will find
Your worries will dissolve along the way

Praise the Lord
Give it all you’ve got
Read His Word
Live it every day
Pray for needs
Listen for His voice
Give Him thanks
For each mercy found

And then take just one verse
Philippians four and eight
And make that verse your mantra
Follow it always

Think on things just
Think on things pure
Think on thing honest
Think on things true
Think on things lovely
Think on things virtuous
Think on things praiseworthy
Think on good reports

Then your mind will be renewed
Your heart will be restored
His peace will flow through you
His joy will overflow
Your life will be at rest
Your spirit will be eased
Worry will dissolve into the air
And you’ll be free

In response to the daily prompt
Your Mantra

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