The One

I think of all the things that God has done

Through Jesus Christ His one an only Son

Ìn awe I stand Amazed

At the wonder of His ways

I read His word and know that He’s the one

The one who saved my soul

The one who ser me free

The one who rose for me

Ths one who made me whole

The one who took my sin

The one who dwells within

The one who healed my pain

The one whose peace I gained

The one who guides my day

The one who makes a way

The one who holds my hand

The one who has a plan

The one who answers prayer

The one whose always there

Now I sing hallelujah to the Lamb

Glory, glory, glory to the great I am

Ali lift up all my praise

To honor His sweet name

Jesus Christ whosw honor I proclaim

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