Complexities of Life

I have little knowledge of things that went before
When this old world was new and none of us were born
From what I can surmise and all that I have read
The evolution side is based on info that is dead

When Darwin wrote his book his knowledge was quite dim
We’ve learned so many things that show His logic thin
When looking at the marvels and complexities of life
There must be a creator is all we can surmise 

This wondetful creator says His Son will give us life
God sent him to this world to become our sacrifice
If we ask forgiveness our sins are washed away
His Spirit then will show us He’s the truth,  the light,  the way

In response to the daily prompt Dim

4 thoughts on “Complexities of Life

    1. Pete Post author

      I could not agree more sandal. I can associate with the mess that was me. But yet he found me any love me in the middle of my mess. We serve an awesome God



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