No Excuse

It doesn’t  take a rocket scientist
It doesn’t take a city boy
It doesn’t take a college professor
Or a person who’s self-employed

It doesn’t take a big jet pilot
It doesn’t take a sporting star
It doesn’t take a foreign leader
Or a rube who does not travel far

All you have to do is look up
At the heaven’s some starry night
To know that there’s a design
That put them all to flight

Then wake up in the morning
To the splendor of the dawn
At evening brilliant sunsets
Declare that there’s a God

On judgment day there’s no excuse
That your were never told
You’ve seen it every day you’ve lived
From youth to very old

So today if you’re not right
With our God who reigns above
Ask Jesus to forgive your sins
And accept His gracious love


In response to the the prompt Rube

2 thoughts on “No Excuse

    1. Pete Post author

      Thanks for you’re kind words Deborah Ann. Now, how often do we see “rocket scientist in Christian poetry? I’m so glad we are both tuning in to His Holy Spirit!

      be blessed



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