I often come up with wonderful plans
Of when I should go and when I should stand
But most of the time those plans are in place
I find myself falling flat on my face

I’m not very good at thinking real clear
The words that I say are not what they hear
My plan makes me say thing I should not
They cause those around me to grow rather hot

I cry to the Lord please help me to speak
It’s your words I want and your plan I seek
Whenever I revert to ways of my own
I find that I’m closer to being disowned

Your gentle sweet voice echoes soft in my ear
I quiet way down so you I can hear
You tell me to stop and follow your ways
Things will be better in upcoming days

I hope that I will learn something from this
That is my prayer and that is my wish
To follow His plan every day of my life
I will not get lost and peace will be mine

If you find you are wand’ring through life on your own
And the snares are around you outside or at home
Listen to Jesus and follow His plan
He’ll firmly guide you with His gentle hand

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