I Am Your Father

When life takes a turn
And hard times arise
It’s easy to doubt God is near
If you will be silent
And wait just a bit
There’s a word that God wants you to hear

I am your Father, faithful and true
I’ll always be here when you call
Do not be fearful I am with you
I’ll pick you up when you fall

I am your Father, holy and just
My grace is sufficient for you
When you feel lost and you can’t find your way
I’ll always guide you through

I am your Father, loving and kind
I listen each time that you pray
I’ll send an answer when my time is right
There will never be a delay

I lift up my voice
To the Father above
And thank Him for all He has done
The calm reassurance
He puts in my heart
Tells me that the victory’s won

Heavenly Father, I give you praise
I lift up my voice to your name
I worship you from the depths of my heart
You’ve lifted me up by your grace

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