Open Up Your Bible

I opened up my Bible
To see what I could find
It was then I realized
It’s a virtual gold mine

When I look into the scripture
And I take the time to read
I can find the answer
To all my earthly needs

If I need a touch from Him
And health is what I lack
His word says He has healed me
By the stripes upon His back

If I need some comfort
For the hurts that life can bring
His word says He will give me joy
So much that I will sing

If trouble does surround me
And I never feel at ease
He says He’ll come and walk with me
And leave me with His peace

No matter what the problem
That plagues me day to day
His word will have my answer
And guide me on my way

So, open up your Bible
Take time to fully see
His blessings are all written down
They’re yours if you believe

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