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Not A Moment Will Pass

When I look each day at my schedule
And I see all that I have to do
I search through my mind
To see if there’s time
To spend in worshiping you

I say to myself this is crazy
How can this day succeed
If I don’t take rest
And give you my best
Time with you is all that I need

I bow my head as I ponder
When I can find a break
Then I realize
As I open my eyes
That you I will not neglect

I will praise you when I make breakfast
I will praise you driving my car
Not a moment will pass
That my praise will lapse
Because I know just who you are

You are my strength and my power
You are my sword and my shield
You offer grace
My sins you erase
You lead me to life-giving fields

You are my fortress and refuge
You are my joy and my peace
There’s nothing I have
That will ever surpass
The love that you have for me

By the end of the day I look back
I see that my words sang your praise
My soul is relieved
That you have received
The worship that my heart did raise