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Your Mansion

As I rode the clouds to heaven there was no surprise
The see Jesus waiting there when I arrived
Clothed in royal splendor, adorned by love and grace
I fell down on my knees as I gazed into His face

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord
Holy, holy, much to be adored
Clothed in royal splendor.  High above all things
Majesty on High.  Jesus King of Kings

He said your mansions ready.  Come and dine with me
The table is already for the royal marriage feast
The wedding of the bridegroom and His long-awaited bride
My church has entered in top their eternal life


Then He took me by the hand and walked me down the street
Gold was all round us as His love enveloped me
Scores of angels followed singing praises to His name
I couldn’t help but join them as they praised the risen Lamb

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