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Sing Unto The Lord

 Sing unto the Lord
 Give praise to His holy name
 For He is worthy to be praised
 Sing unto the Lord
 Make a joyful noise throughout the land
 For He is merciful and just
 Sing unto the Lord
 Raise His name high in all the earth
 For His love is never ending
 Sing unto the Lord
 Honor and glory to His name
 Praise and adoration from our hearts
 Sing unto the Lord
 Sing with all your heart
 Shout His praises from the rooftop
 He is the Lord
 Righteous and true
 Faithful to all who call on Him
 Loving to all who turn to Him
 Merciful to all who seek Him
 Sing unto the Lord

The Brilliance of Your Glory

I just want to lift my hands and lift my voice in worship
I just want to magnify your holy name
I just want to sing a song to let you know I love you
I just want to worship you and give you all my praise
I just want to testify of your great love and mercy
I just want to thank you for amazing grace
I just want to walk along the path you have determined
I just want to worship you and give you all my praise
Jesus, name above all names
Jesus, forever you are greatly to be praised
I lift your name on high, Oh Lord
For you are worthy to be praised
I just want to spend my day singing of your goodness
I just want to rest in your gentle loving arms
I just want to bask in the brilliance of your glory
I just want to worship you and give you all my praise

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, Jesus name above all names

Worthy Are You My Lord

As I wake up and rise out of my bed
I remember the words you’ve often said
You said you’d be with me everyday
All the way

So I lift up my hands above my head
I remember the words I’ve often said
I will take time to lift to you my praise
All my praise. All my praise

Worthy are you my Lord
Worthy of all honor and glory
Worthy are you my Lord
Worthy of all power and praise

Each day passes faster than the last
As I listen close to all that you have asked
I will follow you every single day
All the way. All the way


Not a day goes by that I will not worship you
Not a night goes by without a word of praise
I lift my hands to heaven
I lift my voice up high
All of creation testifies


If you’d like to hear how this goes, I recorded a rough version on my Church Facebook Page  here is the link: