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When I Think Of Jesus

When I think of Jesus I think of peace
In every storm I am at ease
For He’s the one who comforts me
I am at peace when I think of Him

When I think of Jesus I think of hope
There’s not a time when I can’t cope
For in His hands my life He holds
I’m filled with hope when I think of Him

No power is greater. No love is stronger
No mercy will surpass His grace
No deeper passion saved forever
Jesus, precious, holy name

When I think of Jesus I think of joy
When trouble come I still rejoice
My enemies He will destroy
My joy flows out when I think of Him


Then His love, unceasing love
Flows over me from high above
I can’t escape His love for me
I praise His royal majesty


There are times that my mind wanders away from Jesus. I get caught up in the every tasks around the house so easily. The dishes pile up, laundry needs washed. Vacuuming must be done, windows are dirty, grass needs mowed, garden is filling with weeds – the list is endless. Work can also consume me now that most of my work is done form home. Phone calls to make, contact management databases to update, letters and cards and emails to send, planning for tomorrow, next week, next month. He seems far from my thoughts. He seems distant and somehow I can’t sense His presence. I feel like Peter, out on the water, suddenly loosing sight of Jesus because of the cares of the world crashing around Him.

But then He is there. I realize my mind has strayed and I bring it back to Him and realize He has been there all the time. He never left me. He never walked away. He was there all the time. My mind is quickly filled with joy, hope, peace and love again. Once again, I am thinking of Him and all is well.

Isaiah 26:3 King James Version
3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.