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Pure, White, Clean

 I wake up
 Fresh fallen snow covers the ground
 Pure, white, clean
 Unstained by the world
 As the day goes on
 Plows go by
 Cars go by
 Dirt rises from beneath
 Staining the pure, white snow
 I wake up to my sin
 Jesus covers it with His blood
 Though my sins be as scarlet
 He will wash me white as snow
 Pure, clean
 Stained by sin no more
 Then the day goes by
 And the world comes in
 And sometimes I don't stay
 Pure , White, Clean
 I stumble and get stained again
 But His blood cleanses me
 Over and over
 Clean, Pure, White as snow
 Help me awaken each day
 And apply His blood to my life
 So like fresh fallen snow
 He will keep me
 Pure, White, Clean